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Information of overseas tie-up office

Alpha Law Firm, is an experienced law firm in Bei Jing, our firm is a strong small-sized firm, providing a wide range of legal services to clients from China, Hong Kong and overseas.

Alpha Law Firm attaches paramount importance to quality services, through individual and personal consultations with clients. Understanding the needs of clients, we uphold the spirits of law – fairness and reasonableness – in delivery of services. We provide efficient and quality legal services at reasonable rates.

Our head office is located at the heart of Bei Jing to provide clients with quick access to our services. Possessing a global perspective, we are dedicated to serving mainland and overseas clients through our representative office in Hong Kong and Bei Jing, and other multinational law firms with which we have built relations.

Discerning the multi-disciplinary nature of matters in most cases, we cooperate with leaders in other fields, such as investment banks, trust funds, accountants, and the like, in handling clients’ cases. Our firm’s constructive and professional connections with influential companies in other fields have brought prodigious benefits to our clients.

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